Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frightmares & Family

We are super excited for Frightmares this year! The kids earn it by getting homework points for everyday that they come home and complete their homework in a reasonable amount of time with a good attitude, and it seems to be working wonders. Some of us need motivation a little more than others, if ya know what I mean. And again, I am certainly not above bribery as a parent. If it helps my kids develop habits of doing homework with a good attitude it is worth a whole lot of Frightmares.

Also, I must say that Ty and I have awesome, awesome, awesome, families. This semester has been INSANE, like no semester has been before it, but we have certainly had great help from our families. My favorite part is that the kids are only neglected some of the time, and we don't have to have sandwiches or Papa Murphy's every night (you can only do that for so long, ya know). Last weekend my friend from micro was so excited that her family was helping out for a couple of hours over the weekend, I didn't have the heart to tell her that mine were totally loved and taken care of for the whole weekend. I have never felt so incompetent as I do in my classes right now, but having such awesome support day after day just makes me want to try harder and do better.