Thursday, April 19, 2012

Massachusetts 2012

 Over spring break we took the kids out to Massachusetts to help us check it out and see different areas we are looking to live in.  They spent a lot of time in the car and they were so good (although they didn't always look happy like they do here).  It was a very productive trip and I am so glad we were able to bring the kids along.  It is a done deal now, so Worcester (or surrounding cute small towns), here we come!

 We found this neat park to take a break and let the kids play and they had this cute carriage to play on.

 They had fun trying to make Tyler dizzy.

 We issued a challenge to see who could hold the top of a push up position the longest.  They both held out for quite some time, both giving each other a hard time and trying to make the other one quit.  The situation was intense and full of laughter and trickery.  Sydney won, but just by a hair and each got a milkshake for their hard work and clever thinking.

 We were lucky enough to get to stay with Aunt Joan and Uncle John in Cape Cod.  First thing we did was take a walk down their street a couple of houses to the beach.

 The kids loved collecting many special treasures and I was the lucky one who got to lug them all home.

 Swinging on the swing before dinner.

 Syd's first lobster!  She wasn't so sure about the taste but she tried a good portion of it and is ready to do it again.  I'm sure she will have many opportunities after we move.

Royce was a little put off by the eyeballs, he kept wondering if they were looking at him and if he had to eat them.  The next day we were eating our lunches at the airport that Uncle John & Aunt Joan thankfully made for us in a pinch and I looked down and he had eaten most of my lobster sandwich while I wasn't looking.