Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Such

The library here sponsored a panel discussion with several authors, hosted at a middle school. Afterwards, they had a book signing with 4-hour lines; luckily, we were about halfway by the time the signing started.

Sydney read a lot of "The Princess Academy" before, but decided to start again to keep it fresh. Here she is with the author, Shannon Hale. Syd was really excited.

She also signed "Goose Girl," which Syd hasn't read yet, and "Austenland" for Shanell.

Meanwhile, Shanell and Royce were in the much longer line for Brandon Mull, author of the much loved "Fablehaven" Series. Royce hasn't officially read the first book yet, but we all used to listen to the series in the car together a few years ago. Here's an example of their hijinks while waiting the 2+ hours:

And here he is with the author. I had the opportunity to give the book to one of my students who was a lot further up in line, but Royce really wanted to meet him. I'm glad he did; the guy was really nice and talked to Royce about legos, origami and building things with dad. I couldn't imagine being at all friendly after several hours smiling and signing books, but Mr. Mull was upstanding.

Easter Saturday was something else. There was an Easter egg hunt at one of the North Logan parks, which lasted all of 60 seconds, and consisted of hoards of ravenous kids who who left nothing in the wake of their full-run devastation. After this event was the real fun, playing on the playground and hanging out with neighbors and other folks we haven't seen in a while.

Royce was happy his best friend showed up, and their siblings also had a ball in the decent weather.

Dyeing eggs was a real treat. We got the oldschool Paas brand, and spent a good part of the day on our multi-colored designs.

And here they are on Easter sunday, showing off their acquired treasures and donning some new clothes.