Saturday, June 16, 2012

 Hanging out with Grandma Lucie in Green Canyon.

 Shooting arrows with Hortin Hears a Who & Grandma Lucie.  Royce kicked some serious butt, but Hortin & Grandma were catching on pretty quickly.

 Playing chess with Grandpa Buggy.  Grandpa won, but Syd held him off with 1 man for some time!

 We were able to spend some time with cousins, & decided to take them to the zoo with us!

 We saved the best for last...the train!

 The next day we spent some time at the gardens.  I think they may have liked this even better than the zoo.  The weather was perfect & they had plenty of time to run around and play however they chose.

 Snack time in a cute hideout under a tree with handmade wood chairs in the children's area.

 We went to dinner for Grandma Lucie's birthday and these three decided to share a meal.  Syd very maturely ordered a chimichanga plate with a side of fries for them to share.

 Happy Birthday Grandma Lucie!  Thanks for inviting us to be a part of the celebration!

 Royce taking a break during fishing to look for bugs.

Royce has wanted to build a trebuchet for years, and he finally got the chance!  Uncle Glenn and Ty helped him to build this model & they were launching huge rocks & then finally water balloons.  A dream come true for that man for sure!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vance Adventure Weekend & Crazy Hair Day 2012

 Hanging out on a field cute to have Dad go!

 Vance cousins all together over Vance Adventure Weekend 2012.  The weather didn't want to cooperate but we had an amazing time at the zoo and Lagoon and getting to see the fam, thank you Grandpa & Grandma!!

 Crazy hair on field day, playing games with buddies.  Seriously my guy is so handsome!

 Royce's hair for Crazy Hair Day 2012.   His mohawk is colored hot pink on one side and black on another with blue tips and the sides are a camo pattern.  I knew I killed it when I walked by the bathroom and saw him flexing and making tough faces in the mirror. 

 Syd wanted to have upside down braids of pink, black, and blue with a crazy mess of hair on top.  I was excited that it turned out how she liked it.

 Same spot of the usual Crazy Hair Day pics, this time they are soo much bigger.   They are both growing too fast and although I try to negotiate growth spurts closer to when clothes are on sale, so far I am out of luck.

 Here is the other view of the other sides, so glad my kids love this and ask for this every year.  They always win, but the standards gets higher and higher so I am not sure how long this will last.   I love these kids and as long as they want it they've got it!

Syd's crazy hair stayed even after her grade completed the 1 mile run, yay Syd!!