Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, so none of us are big fish eaters, but Shanell wanted to give it a try. Last night we bought some tilapia fillets at the store that the butcher seasoned for us for free. They were pretty cheap.
3 minutes on the George Foreman, that's it! We loved them, and both kids ate all of theirs and wanted more. They were perfectly complimented with Mary's curry sweet potatoes.

Anybody have any other entry-level suggestions that are fairly easy?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching Up

A lot of things to catch up on since the last post. We'll be quick, promise.

I had a great time accompanying my sister on a business trip to Vegas. It came at a perfect time- the week after finals week- and let me tell ya, I needed it! I think it is safe to say I will never again take 18 credits of science courses again in my life.

Oooh, then came Christmas. It was all about magic and Harry Potter at our place. The kids loved their Olivander's wands- good job Santa!

We saw The Princess and the Frog for our traditional Christmas day movie. Where did all the popcorn go...?

Thanks for my Christmas flowers, Honey, they make my whole week every year!

Alas, then we had New Years. The kids has a fantastic time at Aunt Trishie's house with many of their cousins, 3 of which even slept over.

Welcome, Baby Paxton! Glad to have another baby to snuggle.

Dinosaur Park in Ogden, I love having a pass here. It is so fun when there are not many people and the kids just let their imaginations run wild.

Clearly the dinosaurs were not scared off by the snowball fight we had.

What dinosaur are you checking out, Ty?