Tuesday, September 20, 2011

End of Summer

Get ready for many pics (though not in any order), there is a lot of stuff to catch up on...

 Mykaela and Sydney walking hand in hand next to Yellowstone Lake (aka My Lake).  It is nice when family can also be friends.

 A gorgeous day for the falls at Yellowstone!

 We had a fantabulous time with Tyler's family in Yellowstone for the 1st annual Vance Family Vacation (t-shirts to come in 2012).  Thanks for such a great time!

 The kids hanging out by the falls.  The water was still high and amazing to just sit and watch.

 Royce's 8th birthday party with his buddies.  Happy 8th Roycie!!

 Royce requested a LEGO party, here they are playing with their mini-kits and passing them along.  The kids had so much fun with this activity that Ty came up with (it must be a guy thing because it didn't sound that great to me), they were laughing the entire time and could have done it again.

 Hite Family Vacation 2011, Rexburg Idaho.  Hanging out in the pool, chillin with cousins.

 Most of the cousins, we missed the 2 that couldn't be there.

 Royce and Hailey- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! They are 2 weeks and 2 days apart.

 We took a drive to Mesa falls which was incredible!

 Uncle Richie taking pics of the kids, check out all that water!

 Royston was baptised by Grandpa Hite, it was such a beautiful day, it couldn't have gone any better.  We are very blessed with such great friends and family who drove up to be with him on his special day.

CHEERS!  Taking a minute to appreciate the finer things in life on one of our weekly Saturday AM bike rides to the farmers market.

Fishing, lots and lots of fishing.  Although the season got started late we have been taking advantage of every opportunity to go fishing, and now that the kids have waders we can do all kinds of stuff we could not do before.
They chose to be twinners on their 1st day of school, they even have the same green Nike's on.  It is crazy that my Sydney is in 5th grade and my baby in 3rd!

After fishin' we love to go have a fire and just chill.

Sunday's are game days and lately have turned into serious chess competitions- Syd is my biggest opponent yet, that girl is good!

Always ready to get on the bike and get going.  I think the kids just might wear their bikes out before they outgrow them for once.