Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It is Tyler's 31st birthday tomorrow and I am feeling the need to honor such an occasion with a quick blog post- the kind that might increase my chances of passing away sooner rather than later, but a post all the same. Here is my tribute to you - The Tyler:

For such an old guy he can sure use his imagination and make things fun!
He is patient enough to put up with me all these years- that ought to say it all right there.
Randomness is a great thing- sometimes you don't even know ahead of time that he is planning on having a great time and participating in the festivities. (Please don't make me sleep on the couch for this one, Honey!)
Now that is what I'm talking 'bout! Yup, this is my man- and a manly man at that.
He loves making fun of my desire to take pictures all the time. (Well- here is one back at ya.) On a more serious note it is inadequate to say he is merely a fantastic husband and father, he is so much more. Happy Birthday, your family loves you.