Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011

  For Syd's 11th birthday we threw her a surprise party.
We rented a pool side room at a hotel and invited a few friends to come swimming with us.

 They had so much fun and are such a good group of kids, so polite and well mannered - I was totally impressed.

 Are these guys really old enough to be doing this?  Happy Birthday, Sydney!  You are such a smart and caring young lady and we are so proud of you!

Royce and Tyler had a LEGO day and spent all day sorting the LEGOs and then building new creations together.

 We got to spend time with cousins over the holiday break.

 The ladies always have a great time together.

 Royce couldn't sleep because he was so excited...

 and neither could Sydney so they stayed up way too late.

We had an amazing Christmas this year.  It was great to get to be the host for a change and I enjoyed every moment of having such great company!  We are so blessed with the family and friends that we have and hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season as well.