Thursday, March 24, 2011


What have we been up to?
March has been busy and fun and everything in between.
Here is just a few pics...

Royce was very animated and cute in his very 1st opera as a reptile.
He made everyone laugh and certainly made the 2nd graders opera extremely entertaining.

We went swimming in Vegas over our Spring break.

Hanging out in the Hotel and making the most of the new bridge the kids found.

Swimming again at another fun hotel...
(I think this was my favorite kids pool)

Roller skating, garlic bread, pizza, makeovers, origami, secret ninja missions, nail painting, and much more during an activity packed late night.

Checking out the lucky socks and fun activities left behind by the visiting leprechauns and eating the rainbow of fruit while excitedly waiting for the traditional green eggs and ham. This year I also served it with shamrock shaped kiwis and rainbow water.

Finishing off our St. Patrick's festivities with a traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, and irish soda bread. The food was good and the company even better, thanks for coming up for dinner!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ladies Night

I forgot to post pics of our ladies night a couple of months ago. Syd and I went down to SL and met up with some other fantastic ladies for a night at the opera.
When we went to visit with our own expert on opera, Grandpa Buggy, he asked Syd who she was rooting for, she said she was rooting for the witch. =)

Miss Mandy, myself and Syd properly waiting in anticipation for Hansel and Gretel to begin, certainly not sneaking in funny pictures.

Hanging out in the lobby of the Capitol Theatre with Aunt Trishie.

All of us....

And the Syd and myself.
I love opera night with the ladies and can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Thursday nights in our home are what we like to call "movie night" because Tyler teaches and I get to pretend like I am spending quality time with my children while sneaking as much homework as humanly possible into the span of a movie. It usually works really well.

Tonight, however, I am so distracted by my children singing in the shower that I finally decided to do something else for the duration of these drawn out showers. In my defense, it is not easy to tune out two kids in two different showers. The problem arises not from the volume or the tune of the song, but rather from when you start to listen to the crazy lyrics of their made up songs. So, I am taking a break and thinking random thoughts instead.

I am grateful for good friends for my kids, and the great relationships I have with their parents. Sometimes no one else gets you other than a parent who has kids going through the same funky stages in life.

The kids have been taking advantage of all this great new snow we keep getting.

The tube seems to be the fastest sled, but I think it works better if you actually get on top of it.

Boys can get crazy! He would run and dive on the tube and sled his way down. As I was watching from the window he ran and dove, but he overshot his mark and completely missed the tube and sled down the hill on his face. It was super funny to watch, something you would see on a funny video show. I'm glad he didn't know how funny I thought it was. =)