Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harry Potter Marathon

In celebration of the last Harry Potter movie released on DVD we had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon over the weekend.  Friday the kids grabbed their wands and decorated the house.  They got appropriate attire on (Royce has a Slytherin tie and Syd a MUGGLE shirt) and played LEGO Harry Potter on the Wii.
Let the feast begin!
We watched all 8 movies over the weekend and had plenty of food to help set the mood.  We had Butter Beer in goblets (warm like in the books), Pumpkin Pasties, licorice wands, gummy worms, Broomsticks & Mud, Dragon Dumplings, red snappers, Dragon Dung, Quidditch Pie & more.  It was so much fun to try new recipes and eat weird stuff.
I love it when the kids get so excited to hang out with the fam, score one for me!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Fun!

 Royce's school program was so funny.  They had this bit where the kids lip synced to La Donna e Mobile, and Royce was so freaking funny people were laughing out loud at his antics.  He received many compliments after.   That's my funny man!

Happy Halloween ya'll!

 We have had so much fun at Lagoon this year, especially at Frightmares!  Royce especially LOVES halloween and looks forward to this every year.  He has so many ideas about how he would design a haunted house.  I love how creative he can be.

 Grandpa Buggy & Grandma came up for some math SOS & the kids got to swim with their cousin.

 We spent a day up Green Canyon just enjoying one of the last nice fall days.

Royce & Syd competing for Top Shot.

Royce has his business face on and Syd is playing around with the sling.

 And of course Tyler needs to put in a showing, but unfortunately he has fired his last shot.
(There is not a picture of me because I was too busy kicking everyone else's trash.)

 Syd taking a moment to find a comfy reading spot, she is hardly ever without a book.

 Carving pumpkins the Grandpa Buggy way includes a jigsaw!

 The cousins made a swing on the tree with rope and wood that they found, it's handy to have another helper to make sure they don't crack their heads on the tree.

 Pumpkin designed by Miss Syd.

Pumpkin designed by Mr. Royce.