Friday, November 22, 2013

New England with Aunt Tricia

We were fabulously excited to share New England with Aunt Tricia when she last came for a visit. The pictures are out of order, but that makes it more like a puzzle, right? See if you can match 'em up, we traveled through Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and of course Mass. 
 Incredibly smooth sand, have to go back here for sure.

 Gorgeous ocean.

 Waiting to cross the street and go to the park.

Tricia's first lobstah roll!

Boston, of course.

 Here lies Samuel Adams.

 Ogunquit has gorgeous beaches and huge sea shells.

 Hot cocoa for a cool morning walk along the Freedom Trail.

 Many famous dead folks here.

Hanging out with my sis.

 Quincy Market is so nice before the crowds arrive.

Loving the big kids playground.

 King's Chapel where George Washington went a churchin'. 

Follow the yellow brick road....

Friday, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

We were so blessed to have Grandma Lucie and Grandpa Buggy visit over the holidays.

 Breakfast at an adorable tiny kitchen down the street, the food was delicious.

 This was how I talked by buddy into going shopping with me.

 Snuggling and watching Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol.

 An early present from Santa, I just love the matching PJ's!

 Stealing Grandpa's hat on the way to see Tower Hill Gardens.

 Beautiful gardens inside and outside of Tower Hill.

 Awwww.....Mom and Son!

 Grandpa and Bad Kiddies!

 Checking out the fabulous view of the local 'mountain'...where is it again?

 Our turn for a peek at the famous mountain.

 Had to stop by the Higgin's Armory Museum, there was so much to see.

 Discussing the finer points of fine art at Worcester Art Museum.

 Grandpa and the kids hanging out among very old things.

 At dinner....somewhere.

 Ahhh....then we spent time in Cape Cod and got to meet the whole family.

 Looking good Grandma!

 Uncle John showing off his big muscles (or explaining the geography of the Cape).

 It was a very cold and windy day...

 but a great day to see the Atlantic Ocean....

 And to get to know cousins better.

 We heard great stories by Uncle John (complete with Lancastershire accent).

After dropping Grandma and Grandpa off at the airport we made a stop at Quincy Market in Boston before heading back home.  It was a fabulous Christmas!!