Thursday, November 5, 2009


Frightmares 2009 was fantastic, the weather couldn't have been better. Thanks kids for earning homework points.
My kids love Mandy- glad you could go too!
I think this is one of the worst rides they have for my poor tummy. Blah!
Nothing too spooky here, folks.
HALLOWEEN DAY! Since it was on a weekend and I didn't have any bio exams the next week we said "what the hey- let's go visit us some folks!" First stop- Grandpa Buggy and Grandma Lucie's house. They carved pumpkins with Grandpa's jigsaw (ever so appropriate for pumpkin carving) and Grandma helped me with math- bless her heart.
Syd took a break to pose with attitude outside.
Next stop- Aunt Trishie's house! We had an amazing time with cousins- soup in a pumpkin bun, Trishie took the kids trick or treating, and Ty and I got to hand out candy at the door. I was the best old lady ever. Kids came to the door just wanting there candy and I made them talk to me and tell me what they dressed up as- they were so annoyed and I couldn't have been having more fun.
Two on the left are 2 weeks apart, and you know Syd - or do you....?
Surprise of all surprises, we even got to see Grandma and Grandpa! We snuggled them up to keep them warm so that they would be comfy. Fantastic day & weekend if'n I do say so myself. Not only did I get to play ping pong while dancing to the new Michael Buble cd in Ty's parents' driveway (in full view of neighbors, mind you), act like an old lady and pass out candy in a very annoying manner, get enough math help to pass my exam today (I hope)- but I also got to pinch the cheeks of the little ones excessively - and they even liked it.